Copying a table - strange behaviour

Hey all,

While trying out some new features / ideas for our project management app, I took one of my tables and copied / pasted it.

I deliberately wanted a COPY of it, not a view of the other table, as the data in this table would be slightly different in the end.

When pasting - and as expected - I got the following message :

All good so far. I choose Duplicate data instead, and go on my merry way.

However, when I open the first column’s formula, the old table shows a highlight box as if the formula is referring to that data. It doesn’t matter if I change the column names to something different. I’ve pasted in the simplest version here - but there is a formula later in the table that refers to 3 or 4 columns, and they all show hilighted in both tables.

I’m a little concerned by this - almost concerned enough to just duplicate the table by hand (although its about 30 columns with a fair few formulas…and I really shouldn’t have to… I’d love to know what’s going on / if this is expected behaviour / if I’m missing something about pasting tables.

Any help appreciated. Cheers, Brendan.

I think it may be just a display bug. When you copy a table, all column IDs are copied as well. Maybe the highlighter code doesn’t check for grid ID but only for column ID when it tests elements on whether to highlight them or not.

@Jason_Tamulonis what do you think?

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I ended up rebuilding the table from scratch. But I suspect you’re right @Paul_Danyliuk - it feels more like a bug than anything else - and hopefully just a UI bug.