Auto copy cell contents to another the new column in another row

Hey eveyone, been loving learning from your comments and hoping you can help me out :slight_smile:

Every time I create a new row I would like to copy one of the cells from 1 columns and add it another column of the new row. Ultimately I would love it if that new cell is editable so I can click the boxes to see whether or not I completed the tasks

Here is the formula I am using last(thisTable.[Daily Focus].slice(-2)) but this is returning the same value for all cells.

Any hints or tips people can share?

HI Andy,

the easiest would be to create a button or automation to do the move for you.

If you do this, the entry in the destination column will be editable.

My approach would be to create a button column in the sending row, that will addrow() an entry into the destination table. Optionally, add a column that will record whether the button has been pressed, so you do do not send the same row twice. And next option is to write an automation to push any unpushed buttons on a regular basis.

Rambling Pete

thanks Pete.

The challenge i have is that I am not adding a row, just a cell

Aplogies. I missed that it is in the same table.

But the same principle applies, just use modifyrow(), rather than addrow().


Hi, @Andy_Farquharson.

@Piet_Strydom answer to your question is right on.
If you still haven’t figured out how to do it, it’s a good idea to share your doc here or create a mock-up doc to display the issue.

THanks Bruno and Piet.

I already had a button performing an action, so when trying to build a runactions formula I am running into an issue

here is a copy of the doc where I am stuck.

Really appreciate all the help!


You had runaction, rather than runactions as a formula.

Is there a way the formula can be created so that it doesn’t copy to all cells?


That is the short answer to your question.

But what are you trying to achieve? If you have a rule for which rows you do not want to show “This is still not working”, then you can put the formula inside an if() or switchif(), and then you have the formula result to “” (blank), or any other value.

No. Different from Excel, in Coda formulas modifies all cells in a column. This is one of the reason Coda is much more powerful then Excel.
In you case, the button “New Day” is returning a error, because “Prior day” column has a formula and you can’t write off the value of a formula.
You have to remove the formula, to make it to work.
My question is: Why do you need a column with the prior day? Most of the times, it’s something unnecessary.

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