Add/clone a row while changing a column value in current row


So I have this table with a few rows.
Every row has a column with a button.
Clicking that button I clone the current row. By cloning I mean, I add a new row and set its values based on the row containing the button (is there an easier/smarter way to do this?).
So, now I have two rows with the same content.

The part that I not being able to figure is how to change values from the (original) row I’m clicking in.
I’m trying to achieve this with a single button.
Is it possible?
Can you guys help?


You can use a button to push another button.

That means you could create a second button to change the (original) row, then a third button to push the first two.

Or if you’re confident with formulas, RunActions().

@Dalmo_Mendonca, RunActions() is a life-saver.
Thank you so much.
Have a nice weekend.