How to use row ID for buttons?

Hey. How can I copy EXACT row from one table to another with a button?

How it looks like:

AddRow(Toplant,Toplant.[Uniq ID],First(unn.c1),Toplant.ID,RowId(thisRow),Toplant.Row,‘1’,Toplant.Column,‘2’,Toplant.[Genotype Name],[T.Genotypes].Name.First(),Toplant.Planted,Today()),ModifyRows(unn, unn.c1, c1+1)

Don’t pay attention on ModifyRows() - it’s for uniq number when adding and it works fine.

What do not work
As you can see I put button in every row. I need when I click the button - the data from the row will be copied to another table.

The problem is with the column ‘Name’:

  • I can add a row with only First() or Last() value; or
  • All together as an array

I tried to use thisRow(), but it works not properly.

Help me, please :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2020-05-25 09.38.34

Hi @Dmitriy_Solodukha,
and welcome to Coda Community :handshake:

First thing - less important - is that if you perform more cations with the same button, you should “wrap” them into the RunActions() formula.
Said that, thisRow should be the answer and it’s not clear what you mean with

Would it be possible for you to share the document so that it’s easier to dig into it?

Thank you!