Simple Tool That Adds a Row to Coda Table via SMS / Text Message

Hey There,

Often times, I want to add something to my todo list without having to pop Coda open and wait for it to load. I thought about this problem a bit and ended up writing a simple serverless function that listens to messages sent to a Twilio number and adds the content to a Coda doc / table.

Wanted to leave it here in case anyone else finds it useful!


Thanks for sharing @Philip_Johnson1! I also like to use SMS as a communication layer for some of my personal projects, and Twilio makes that really easy.

Out of curiosity, did you try using Coda’s new webhook-triggered automation to receive the SMS? Looking at the Twilio developer docs it looks like it may not work, since they require a TWIML response and I don’t think Coda’s built-in webhooks can send responses.

No worries!

I completely spaced that webhook automation existed! Currently, I’m not using any Twilio libraries and just sending a string response. I’m guessing it could still work, but you’d lose the feedback on whether or not the text was successfully processed.

Additionally, I’d like to extend the functionality at some point with some sort of parsing that allows folks to control the destination table and specify different columns values depending on the text in the message.

Are responses on the roadmap?

Are responses on the roadmap?

Not that I know of, but I have raised the request with the team so they are aware of it.