Formatting Twilio SMS from Coda Row

Hey everyone!

Does anyone know how to format a Twilio SMS generated from a button push in coda using data in that row? I tried using /n and that didn’t work.

hi @Joey_Wilson ,

I know nothing about twillo, but this blog I wrote is about text messages (last part). It is an older blog, but maybe it helps you finding the syntax

Cheers, christiaan

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Thank you! I am going to try what your article suggests a little later. I also checked out your other Medium articles about Coda and I already bookmarked a few of them since they might help me on some other walls I’ve hit while building this doc. Thanks again!

Hey! You should be using \n

The slash goes the other direction!

Hey Scott - \n didn’t work either. I had to use LineBreak() where you would usually use \n. Your message put me on the right path to figure it out.


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What do ya know! Love how strange these things are sometimes.

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