Is there a way to format messages using the Slack Pack?

Is it possible to provide a json somehow when posting a message with the slack pack? It seems like it is posted only as text, so I can’t even write multiline messages.

Here is an option I posted - hope it helps.

That is basically what I ended up doing. But it would be good to be able to apply proper slack formatting.

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You can write multiline messages and automate sending them to Slack using Coda Pack Automations. Here’s an example:

Concatenate("Text goes here", "

New line above! "), "More text...")

I still haven’t figured out how to make the text bold or italic in Slack. Markdown and _Bold() formulas does not get passed on it seems.

Hi, I put inside the quotation marks, where the text are such characters around the words ** to make bold or _ _ to make italic text

Hey there,

I’m a Product Manager at Coda and I wanted to let you know about the new Compose column type, which eliminates the need to use the Concatenate() and/or Format() formulas to compose dynamic text.

Compose gives you a freeform editor that lets you write and format text, including references to columns (using @) and formula results (using =). The resulting dynamic content can then be referenced by other columns. We hope this helps remove any friction caused by the Concatenate() and Format() formulas in your future use cases!

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