Slack - how to send a newline and image

Here is a quick and easy way to use a table to send formatted slack messages.
In this case I have user @ref projections

@[my message].Message + @[my message].Newline + @[my message].Image

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You can also use @[my message].Message + Character(10) + @[my message].Image

  • Character(10) for newline.

Any ideas on how you get a bullet list to display. Tried a few ideas from here and couldn’t get them to work

Did not work and difficult to follow :frowning:

Hi @Rheza_Satria_Ta,

Welcome to the Coda Community!

Sorry this was a little tough to follow. Using formulas to combine several columns of data can be a little tough to get used to at first. Do you have a sample doc that you could share here or a particular setup that you’d like some help with?

We could try to make it more applicable to your specific situation.


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Hi Ben,

Have spoken with support, acknowledge that Character(10) + Character(10) didn’t work properly.

Hi @Rheza_Satria_Ta,

If you’re using values as text for a post of some sort, the Concatenate() formula is generally a better option that using the + sign. Coda has changed a good bit as it’s been growing into the product it is today, and this post is originally from 2018.

A sample formula that should work and that we use here for both Slack and Gmail is…

Concatenate("Hi Everyone",Character(10),"Here's the latest info:",Character(10),[Column 1])

@BenLee is there any specific reason to use [Column 1] or could you just incorporate image() into the concat()?

For Slack, images unfurl from a URL on Slack’s side, so you usually only need the image URL as text.

For emails, that’s a little tougher and email doesn’t always play nice with images. Without forcing an HTML email, this can be tough.

If you are using an image URL though, it’ll need to be publicly viewable in order to show up in the other system.