Need help Concatenating a message that displays a series of column values in a row

Hi there!

So I created a doc that helps me track devices by Device name, OS version, Serial #, etc.

Basically, it’s a checkin/checkout system using a table with 4 views but my issue is with the slack post message after a user checks out a device by clicking a button. I can’t get it to concatenate correctly in the Automation section when setting up a Rule for it.

I want it to say something like this: [User.()] borrowed the following device: [Device], [OS version], [Serial Number].

Here is what I got when trying to use the Concatenate formula…but I know I’m not doing it right:

Concatenate(User(), " borrowed the following devices: ", thisRow.[Device], thisRow.[OS version], thisRow.[Serial])

Anything in the brackets is a column name within the table, which I want to display the value of that specific row when submitted.

Can someone show me how I can write this correctly? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

So I figured this out and it’s something like this:

Concatenate(thisRow.[Step 1 Result].Username, " returned the following ", thisRow.[Step 1 Result].Type, " device: ", thisRow.[Step 1 Result].Device, " , OS ver.: ", thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[OS version], " , Serial#: ", thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[Serial #])

In the automation, it appears you must always use [Step 1 Result] first then the column value (or else it will never appear). Hopes this helps someone.

Hi @Nickesha_Lindsay,

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Glad you got it sorted out, and thank you for posting your solution for others.