Coda Text Formatting VS Messengers

Hi everyone, I’m trying to solve this issue with Support for a couple of months already BUT it seems that Coda’s design team completely lost their touch on Text Formatting features. Which were awesome BTW before Spring/Summer updates :confused:

To make story short, here are simple example (but I have more) of Checklist inside Coda:
Now, here is how it’s being copy-pasted to Skype / Telegram / Discord (correspondenly):

No one is formatting text like this in messengers BUT I’m sure that a lot of users are copy-pasting Lists from coda to messengers on daily basis (at least our team does so).

It was working just OKAY before recent (summer?) text formatting improvements.
So please, at least - give us an option to choose prefarable formatting.

Btw, here is same list copied to Community msg form:

WHY? :smiley:
Should I remove all the empty spaces by hand?

Expected formatting is obviously:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
consectetur adipiscing elit
sed do eiusmod tempor
incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua

Another problem which is followed by wrong design decision.
If you copy list of notes from something like Google Keep or Skype - it’s impossible to quickly convert it into bulleted or checklist:

Because now Coda thinks that it’s one point/row.
Again - it was NOT the case earlier in 2022 :confused:

There are many copy buffers; you need to describe exactly the buffers you are copying from and to because they each have some unique nuances. Are all your tests Cmd-C/Cmd-V? Using menu options to paste? If so, which ones? Are you using Paste and Match Style? Or, are you enforcing the sources’ formatting in the target paste apps?

Also, it would really help if you provided the exact texts in raw form so we can try to replicate the behaviors before trying to help you.

Actually, not really (for my team). We use a Slack integration that performs automated messaging from Coda to eliminate a lot of copying and pasting. Aside from its inefficiencies, copying and pasting content can be a bit messy because the web is an imprecise rendering influence as you are apparently experiencing.

Wow, seriously? It’s regular Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V inside Windows (10/11).
And it was okay earlier in 2022. Not sure why should we complicate it and search for excuses.

I understand that Coda can preserve some kind of formatting BUT Skype / Telegram / Discord and even this Community msg form - interpreters data from buffer differently.
Btw, Slack is converting Coda’s List into Bullet point, which is probably isn’t big issue YET doesn’t preserve buffer’s data either.

This is still an issue 8)

Okay, it’s partially fixed now with recent update (not sure if I saw Changelog).

Though, there is still space for improvement :slight_smile: