Row Update Requests - Any suggestions?

One thing i miss from my Pre-Coda past of using Smartsheet, is the ability to send out an update request on a row in a table. This is massively useful in areas like contact databases, giving the ability to send contacts selected data for their record, for them to review, update & submit straight back into the database.

Any suggestions on creating something similar in Coda would be greatly appreciated? I’ve reviewed the articles on pre-filled form fields which could give some of this functionality but seems to fall a bit short of what i’m looking for.

The simplest would be to add a button that will send an email message to the person, requesting review and update. There are packs available for Gmail and outlook to do this.

Thanks, how would i show the existing values held in the database for them in the email? Do the packs enable bringing in the existing database values through formulas? (i guess i should go away and check for myself before asking more questions)

Yes, there is a formula to send a message. Parameters are ao recipients, subject line and mail body. Typically you would build the body in a column, either using format() or a composer column.


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