Is there a formula/automation that can send an email (gmail) notification based on a change in a table?

I made a Coda form that is connected to a document with a table (when you fill the form, the info is reflected in the table), aka a Typeform. Inside the columns of that table I have the -status- value and the -email- value (which is the one of the person who sent the input in the form).

The question: Is it possible to generate a rule/automation so that when this (status) changes, a notification email (template) is sent using the -email- field of the person who filled the form?

Yes, there is the “Row Changed” automation …

… and use the gmail pack to send the email.

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Hey Luis!

Yes - first it’d be good to cover the basics of automations in Coda. How you can trigger them, how to access values from triggers, how to run actions and more is covered in this video

The key for you will be, in a formula, referencing “Step1Result” which will be the row that triggered the automation

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