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I’m pretty unfamiliar with Coda’s gmail functionality, and was wondering if there’s a way to send an email that includes a) fields from a table, b) automates based on a specific data (in a table), and c) is largely template based.

My workflow is basically this:

  1. Set a start date, which
  2. triggers a “follow up” date, which
  3. triggers an email to be sent ONLY on the follow up date

I got the tables set up (I think), but I’m totally clueless when it comes to setting up the mail pack. I set up a dummy doc here: Test Docs

I hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance for any advice. I’m open to ANY solution (I sort of slapped together the dummy doc but can format it in whatever way makes sense in my real doc).

Hey @Benn_Bennett! Thanks for reaching out to the community.
Check out the automation Support - push send email button. I think this might do the trick.

HI Benn,

I had a quick look at your doc, you seem to be on the right track - not sure where you exactly need assistance?

In this doc, in the Meetings page there is a working example to send out minutes.

Could you elaborate on your trigger mechanism?


That’s definitely what I was looking for! Thanks!

Looks like @Jasmine_B set up the automation to do what I was looking to do! The only thing I think I need to do is set up the email to connect to, and send a customized email template to fill in the curly brackets (my addition, I don’t know the syntax). For example: "I just wanted to remind you that {Student}’s trial began on {Start Trial Date} and has now finished. "

I’m sure it’s somewhere in the button options, but I don’t know how to connect it.

Have you seen this video??? Should help a lot with those templating pieces!

Hi for having a custom stuff. You can create a template and use it with Format()

Example :
Hello {1}, your offer is about to expire ( {2} )

and use it in your gmail when sending
Example :
format(@Gmail.Template, thisRow.Name,

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