Coda vs. SmartSheet Automations / Email alerts

Hi Coda Community,

Checking out Coda tonight for a new project after spending the last couple of years solely in SmartSheet. I’ve become used to the automated email notifications possible to send rows of a table based on a date in a column as well as other schedule messages based on table data.

Is this possible in Coda? Can emails only be sent using the Gmail pack - or can emails be sent through our domain?


Hi yes you can.
i used automated for :

  • Send mail
    • task of day
    • appointment of day and week
  • recurring task
  • send specific row
  • and more …

You have pack for generate HTML email for best design :wink:

But for email i dont know i use gmail ^^’

Hey @Ann_Hannan !

You for sure can do this easily in Coda. What email service do you use?