Emails and Forms


I’m working on a Coda document that generates a quote based on a form that is filled out. So far I have the page that is the body of the quote email, and I have a button that sends the email. But I would like the quote email to be sent automatically to both me and the customer when the form is completed. Any suggestions?


:wave: Hey Wesley!

It sounds like you want the email to be sent upon submission of a form. Right now Coda does not have a “When Row Submitted” trigger for automations, but you can simulate one. I outlined how to simulate this type of automation in the video below:

You can use this type of automation to send your quote via the button you created upon form submission

In case you need more help with the gmail pack or gmail pack best practices to format your emails I also drafted up a quick video on Gmail pack best practices:

Reach out if you need any more assistance!


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