Coda forms for surveys


We are using the coda tables and timelines (gantt) to plan upcoming projects, such as one of our customers are planning a big campaign or a large inbound goods delivery what cannot be handled by our regular staff.

We have created forms linked to the table so that anyone with the form can submit projects that is added to the timeline automatically.

We email our customers every other week reminding them to submit projects for the coming period. Unfortunately many of our customers forget to submit projects.

We are looking for a solution to:

  1. Automatically send these project emails
  2. See who has submitted forms, and who has not submitted forms for each period
  3. Remind anyone who has not submitted forms
  4. Get the data into the gantt automatically

Can this be done with coda or any solution integrated to coda?

Hi Gustav,

Welcome to Coda and the community!

Unfortunately I am a bit busy, but short answer, yes you can.

  1. You can have a table with the message and customers, and trigger the sending of an email using either the Gmail or Outlook email packs. The trigger can be either an automation, or a button click.
  2. Depending on your doc structure, you can then run a comparison between your customer list and forms received, sending a reminder for any customer without a form.
  3. As above.
  4. You can make the Gantt table the recipient of the form information.