Send email from form directly?

Hello everyone :wave:

I’m new to Coda and I want to use it to easily replace an old WordPress for my association.

My problem is about forms. Is it possible to send an email with a form where the submit button actually send an email to a specific receiver ?

From what I saw, it populates a table with the form content and we can manually send an email for each entry but that doesn’t fit my needs :confused:

Thanks for your advices ! :hugs:

Hey there!

Welcome to Coda!

Everytime that a form is submitted, it will create a row in your target document with the content from the form. To ensure that an email is sent upon form submission, run a Form Submitted Automation that uses the gmail pack to send an email to the individual who submitted the form!

Here are two videos that may help you out in these areas:

  1. Video tutorial on Coda automations
  2. Video tutorial on the Gmail pack

If you are using a different email provider than gmail, there is likely a pack for those!

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Thanks a lot Scott !

I had found the second video about Gmail Pack but now I understand how to do it thanks to your first video :+1:

Now I have nothing left blocking me to migrate to Coda !

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Amazing! Let us know if you experience any other issues!

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