Custom formatting of forms

When using forms, having the ability to add lines to separate categories, static headers and text as well as the ability to add a signature field for mobile users would be great!

Also if there was a way to add a pdf export to the submit button to send completed forms via email to people that would be great.

I am in the process of moving some of our more complex forms from Formsite to Coda and the above are the only things that are missing that end up on my “hopeful in the future” list.

All this (aside from the signature) is very possible in Coda!

You can use rectangle() to create line dividers and image(), lineBreak() and other rich text formulas to create sections, etc

Here’s one of my forms with sections on mobile!

And here’s a quick video outlining some of the principles/best practices

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Thanks Scott this is awesome. This will make the form much better.

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