Coda Form Feature Request

Hey fellow Codans!

Would love to have these features introduced to coda forms (they’re available on google forms)

  1. Send copy of response to submitter
  2. Allow response editting
  3. With sign-in, limit responses to 1 per user

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Would be amazing . . . .

But depending on how desperately you need it I’ve replicated all of those features in Coda forms. Including editing a submission post-submit.

It’s a bit more complicated process for sure, but it’s a workable solution nonetheless!

Let me know if you need it - happy to spin up some tutorials.

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Good ideas @Juan_David_Rey ! :smiley:

As @Scott_Collier-Weir said, all of those features can be crafted in other ways in coda, but i support the idea of implementing them in coda default integration!

I’ll try to describe how i would do those, i think it could be interesting to see how different maker would solve the issues :slight_smile:

i would send an email with an automation, that “each time a new row appear, send an email formatted in xyz way to the email of the row”

This is a little more trickier and would benefit from a real coda implementation, but opening links based on User() with a couple of extra rows etc could be possible! now that i think about it forms are pretty dangerous to use with sensitive docs…'cause they need to be “open” to edit by others…maybe not i should check…

For this one i would use a similar trick to point 2, basically asking users to visit a page that contains a button that check if an entry from that user is already into the tables, that buttons lead then to the form…this doesnt actively “lock” futher entries but kinda make them harder to make by accident, the real way would be probably to make a check to see if current user already have an entry somewhere…and if answer is yes “disable” some core features of the form…

I’m kinda curious to see how others would do! :smiley:

Good inputs Juan! :)))