A request for forms so users can enter data but not see what others enter

Hey Oleg, I just had a quick question about coda.

Is it possible to make table within Coda where users can only see & edit certain field? Something like a form.

So we have let’s say 50 users entering data, but they can’t see each others inputs, and then it goes to the master table where the admin can see everything.


We’ve heard this question a lot and have been researching options a good bit. I don’t have an ETA right now, but it’s a known want from our customers and we’re looking into it.


Oh alright. In the meantime, is there maybe a way to integrate answers from Google forms (you can get them in a spreadsheet) into coda?

Dear @wielki_asasyn,

Just jumping in from my mobile device, tommorow I can put a sample if needed.

  1. there is a voting option, where each other votes are hidden and can be uncovered if you wish.

  2. You could use the form pack and collect the answes in Coda.

Of course it is always better when certain things can be build straight away in Coda.

Hey @wielki_asasyn – as of today, the best option is to use Zapier to hook up Google Forms or Typeform to push responses into Coda: Does Coda have a Zapier integration?

Alternatively, you can use the Typeform Pack to sync in responses via a sync table, though responses will only sync manually or at most hourly, depending on your plan.

I was thinking in using one intermediate table to capture users data, filtered by current user, add a couple buttons to delete and add the register to the master table. I think they will still be able to see (if they try to mess with filters) other users current data pending to be added to master table, but they will not be able to see the master table. Don’t have a demo, was just an idea.

Similar to @Axell_Padilla, you could create a table to act as a form, with a row for each user, and then filter the form to show the row = to the user. You would need a table to manage all the users, and this will give you other possibilities.