Coda forms and form integration

Hey guys! I didn’t see this in the suggestions. It would be great, if we could use our coda table as a form. For example we have kind of crm, which records all our clients’ cases. Now we use a contact form on the website and need to manually copy/paste the data to Coda. It would be great, if we could do one of those:

  1. directly use coda form (I believe airtable has this option) or
  2. integrate other form with Coda and automatically receive the data in Coda

Thanks again to the amazing Coda team! I am reading the forum a lot and always find new and useful information. With every update the app gets better!



Some direct form integration would be amazing to help trigger processes

These might help you guys:

Thanks Dalmo, unfortunately TypeForm is too bulky for the form entry we need.

I just need a basic data form that pulls some logic from Coda such as dropdown etc, but also includes mandatory line items as well.

Customer facing - Typeform looks beautiful, it grates after a bit though