Typeform -> Zapier -> Coda, the alternative way

Here’s an alternative way to import Typeform questions and answers into Coda without having to map every form field to a column in Zapier.

Instead, the whole form is inserted as one big value. Then all parsing is done on Coda side.

IDK, may be useful in some cases.


UPD: we’ve just found a use case for this ourselves. If you’re having many typeforms and don’t want to set up each one individually, i.e. map all answer fields to some fields in a table (especially if there are many), you can use this approach to just dump all data into Coda and let the latter do all the parsing. Adding support for another form will be as easy as cloning the zap and replacing the typeform document with the new one.

I’ve improved the algorithm, which now merges “other option” answers with the selected predefined ones, but will update this sample only as soon as I have time for that.