Creating Forms that communicate with CODA table

Hi Movers and Shakers

I want to embed a form of some sort onto my website for clients to complete and the data wind up in a Coda table. The data from the table will need to be recalled when the form is visited again on my webpage by the client so it needs a bit more than a Zapier type solution as it’s not just adding rows, but it needs to communicate with the form somehow to show data the form requires.

Does anyone have any ideas how to achieve this?


Yeah a form app + Zapier would be the no-code way to add rows.

If you want to have it work the way you’re saying - basically, Coda as a backend database for that function on your site - you would use Coda’s API (you’d GET the appropriate users’s data to pre-populate the form, and POST any changes or new users). But you’d have to hand code the front-end on your site’s forms to work this way.

Thanks Nick

Do you know of any formbuilders that have the ability to create subforms? (ie: Like a product and Invoice type relationship form)