Connection to Google Forms

Is there a way to connect a google form to a document?

I have a form I created that allows people to submit work orders but I want to use Coda to keep track of the submitted work ordered progress.

Is there a way to do something similar straight from a Coda doc? Currently not everyone in our organization is connected to Coda.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Maybe Integromat will help you?

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you can use Zapier to connect Google forms with Coda.


Can confirm I use Zapier to connect a Google form to a Coda doc to manage our customer returns.

The zap is looking for new lines on the GSheet that gathers the results then transfers this line into a table in Coda.

If you plan to manipulate the data further, I suggest using an automation in Coda to link the new data to a 2nd table. That way you keep a 1 to 1 copy of the Gsheet in Coda and you have the 2nd table for processing/manipulating the data.


Thank you all for the help :slight_smile:

I found Zapier after posting my question and it seems like it is a good fit. I like the idea of having the table duplicated though, hadn’t though of that previously, but its a smart idea.

Hey Caleb, Arpit from Integromat here. You can do this (and a lot more) using Integromat’s Coda App. Happy to help if you still need it!

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Arpit, I’m curious as to whether Integromat could keep something like Google Forms/Sheets and Coda in more of a 2-way sync situation. I’m needing for clients to add more information via one form link they can return to that would then add to or even change a cell on the table row. Is this possible too?

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Yup, I’m using Integromat for the exact same thing.

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Absolutely Matthew, this is a common use case and very much possible with the Coda app on Integromat. If you have questions specific to Integromat, you may post them on our Facebook community too: