Can I sync data from a Coda table to a Google spreadsheet?

I have a table that was originally in Google Sheets, but I am trying to use Coda for it now. Unfortunately, the original Google Sheet still needs to be updated with changes I make in the Coda version. Is there an existing method to create this syncing?

There is no native option for this. You can create a connection using services like zapier/integromat/parabola or with Google apps script

Hi @cylo, thanks for your question. As @Asaf_Dafna mentioned there is no native way to sync data from your Coda docs to Google Sheets. The easiest way to do this is to use something like Zapier. If you are comfortable with a little bit of scripting in Google Apps Script, you can use the Google Sheets API in conjunction with Coda’s API to sync data. I also wrote about the pros and cons of syncing data with Google Sheets in this blog post.


Might you (or anyone else) have a simple example of such a Coda API/Sheets API combination?

I only need to sync one Coda table to one Google sheet (totally okay if everything gets written over every time the trigger runs)

Have gone through your blog post and related video on YouTube (very informative!) hoping that it would mention Coda → Sheets, but alas, it did not.

Any help here would be very much appreciated.
We’re trying to move more of our business to Coda but still need to push some info to Google Sheets.

Many thanks!

Have you seen this Script example:

I’m working on a tutorial (blog post + YouTube video) on this very subject, will publish here in the community in the coming weeks when it’s ready :+1:

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@Al_Chen_Coda What wonderful news — very much looking forward to that tutorial.

Thank you for the update.

We’ve also recently updated to the Team plan, and are loving it!