Syncing Data from Excel to Coda Table


Is there a way to sync a data from an Excel sheet to a Coda table?

Something like what this article goes over, but for excel instead?

Hello @Samuel_Langford ,

I don’t do automation with Excell at the moment, but I would say that with a Make automation for example it should be possible. A bit like this screenshot which retrieves data from google Drive and sends them to Coda



P.S: Here is also a video that could help you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I was able to sync data with a Google Sheet, it’s just Excel specifically that’s the issue.

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Great, but I had understood that you could not synchronize directly :).

But, for the google document it is good because it is online?
And do you use the Excell version online too or via the app?

That’s why I added the information on make with google Drive because then by adding your Excell file in a specific folder, it would be enough thereafter to send the information in a table with a trigger on the update of the file/folder in question.

I think I understand what you’re saying, but my company is looking to migrate away from Google and strictly use 0365. So soon I won’t have access to Google Drive.

Ha ok, I understand better now ^^. The example of google drive can be replaced by Dropbox or any other Cloud, but I wonder since you used a 365 version if zapier would not be more adapted?

I have looked into Zapier and I do think that that looks like it would be the only way. Just getting approval for Zapier to be connected to our O365 is a whole thing. But it might be the best way.

Thank you!

Glad if my proposal can help you solve this problem. But, it is possible that a more advanced user than me will come by and give you a suitable solution :slight_smile:



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