Sync Coda to Google Sheets

Hi, would it be possible to sync coda table to google sheets? I’ve seen a lot of tutorials already on how to sync them together, but my current coda table has a column for file attachment. My question is, how can I also upload those file attachment in my coda table to my google drive?

The best solution I found was to install the “ImageUrl” pack
and create a formula column that will convert the attachment column in to a link (see pic):

Then I used a third party api software (make/integromat) to create this scenario where, when I click the “Upload Photo” button in Coda, the photo link (along with Google File/Folder ID info, etc.) gets sent and uploaded to Google Drive (see pic):

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This is helpful! Thank you so much @Theresa_Aguilar! I am now able to integrate them :slight_smile:

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