How attache file from e-mail to coda table?

Hello everyone!
There is a task in which it is necessary that upon receipt of an email with a given label, a record in the coda table is formed based on it.
I’m using Integromat (make) successfully. However, there is a problem. I can’t figure out how to transfer a file attached to a letter to a line cell. Is there a way to solve this problem? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Maybe you can somehow automatically add a link to the file?

Hi @Dmitry_Evseev, thanks for reaching out. We’re excited to see that you’re building in Coda. This is a great sign that you’re making progress!

We have moved this question to the Developers Central section of our community to crowdsource ideas on how to approach this issue. There are so many different ways you can find a solution to this. We see that our Makers get more value from posting in the Community since it is a place where thousands of Coda Makers share tips and help each other build docs and solve Coda puzzles. :seedling:. Multiple Coda departments also monitor the community, including our Product & Engineering teams.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Dmitry_Evseev - Unfortunately the Coda API doesn’t support the direct upload of files to File or Image columns. If you pass a public URL to the file Coda will store it, but you can’t pass the bytes directly. I’m not very familiar with Make, but looking at your screenshot they don’t appear to have an option to pass a URL.

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