Coda Form and Google Drive

Has anyone tried to connect coda form to google drive?

So, I have here a sample form, where it have fields for Date, Project, and upload photos.

What I am trying to do is everytime a new response was submitted in my coda form, the uploaded photo will automatically be saved in my google shared drive, based on the project name selected.

I already have created the folders for the projects, in my google shared drive.

The process that I am trying to achieve was like this:

Hi @RC_A,

the official Google Drive Pack can only get data. That means things like editing, uploading, etc. are currently not supported with this pack.

But there are some workarounds i found:

You could try getting this done by another pack i randomly found in the library. Seems like it supports your use case (at least the uploading part). Here is the link: Export to Google Workspace Pack, extend Coda with... | Coda

Another solution is using a third party app like Zapier, make, n8n, etc.

If all of those solutions don’t work for you, you have to code it by yourself using the Coda API and Google App Script.

Hope that helps.



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