Google Drive Pack

Google drive and Coda could be a great hand-in-hand tool for everyone who relates tasks to folders and/or files in the cloud. (Is there are task which isn’t?!)

A very highly desired functionality explained in scenario would look like this:

  1. Create a new task/row in Coda table;
  2. Then a folder in google drive with the task’s name is automatically created in pre-defined folder;
  3. Then when assigning the task to a person/user, this person gets automatic email with a link to the newly created folder. (no manual copy-paste - just an email template which has a placeholder for this link);
  4. The very cool part would be that when assigning the task to the user, Coda automatically updates the access rights of the folder so that the person/user is granted an Edit access to this folder.

If we can achieve that… this would lay the ground for us to create our own platform in Coda and ditch our current inefficient TMS :slight_smile:


This would be amazing, I have been looking at Integromat to do this, a GDrive pack would be amazing.

For us, we would just need a link to the GDrive table to be linked back to the item row

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omg +10000 esp for google sheets.


Yes, someway to handle attachments and files within a Coda doc would be awesome.

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I would like to be able to embed a list of files (folder) from GDrive into a Coda page, and as long as the Coda user also has access to that GDrive folder, they can see the files.

Having to make a GDrive document public to embed it is not a viable solution. Structured wikis like Coda are for sure better that GDrive, but while transitioning clients, we need a way to guide them to the old docs they have (and not every doc needs to have a page in the wiki - some are design artifacts, other kinds of files that don’t translate well to wiki anyway e.g. Sketch files, videos etc.

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+1 for a Google Drive pack. It would be great to have a more flexible view into Drive files since it lack organization, especially “Shared with Me”. This option would be very helpful because there is not easy way to provide filtered document views of Google Drive to users without investing in a document management system which is very costly and requires significant setup.

For inspiration, look at a simple example (Awesome Table) and a more complicated example (addon directory). Awesome-Table, which provides a view and has some UI widgets to filter files. The addon directory works like Amazon and lists filter options in a panel.

Awesome Table -->
Panel options -->