Connect your Coda Docs to Google Drive (& Gsuite)

Hello Coda community!

Update: Looks like they deprecated the google drive feature. (If anyone else has clever ways to create a file system, I’m all ears!)

There’s been a lot of posts discussing how how to have coda docs in your google drive. Which always result in a link to this coda post:

The main goal here is to create a proper file system with multiple hierarchies.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention, @Sean_Olivas . We’ve gone ahead and made the change to that help article to reflect that feature has since been deprecated and is not “in the process” of being deprecated.

It sounds like our Folders in your Coda dashboard could help out with this. We use folders to keep docs organized in the workspace (think departments, teams, and projects). Your docs are where the true work gets done with all of your tables, text, and app-like solutions. Folders contain docs within the workspace.

We have various folder types including the My Docs folder, Public Workspace folders, and Private Workspace folders (available for Team and Enterprise Workspaces). I recommend checking out this help article to learn more about each of these folder types and how you can use them to organize your docs: Overview of Folders | Coda Help Center

But no nested folders within a workspace =[


That’s correct! That is a feature request we’re tracking interest for. If either of you are interested, please let us know and we can formally track your votes.


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