Organize and Search your docs in Google Drive

You can now create your Coda doc from a Google Drive subfolder, no more moving your docs from your home Google Drive folder to your folder of choice. Read more here.

You can also search for all your docs from Google drive by typing app:Coda in the search box. Use this link to check this out!


Trying to create a new doc now that I have Coda set up with drive, and I’m getting this error:

Hi @Joe_LeBlanc, did you get this error after hitting the new doc button at

Yep, happened no matter which folder I tried to create a new doc in.

Hmm, that sounds like a potential permissions issue with your Google / G Suite account. We’d like to investigate further - please send us the details via the Intercom help button on the bottom right on so we can assign the issue accordingly.

When I want to delete a doc, I have to delete it 2 times. Delete on Google Drive, and then delete on Coda, or viceversa. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a way to do this only 1 time?