Best practice for utilizing Google Drive in Coda?

Context: I am trying to organize google drive for a small construction business in Coda which contain 5 primary folders, multiple sub-folders (i.e. projects), pdfs (i.e. receipts), documents, etc. Ideally, I would like to have a project table that contains columns with links to project folders, receipts, etc. using the Google Drive pack. I was hoping to create a page just for GD, however, GD does not show hierarchy of items when pulled in. Also, I am unable to modify the sync inputs for a view of this GD table without changing the original table. Maybe I need to set up separate GD pages for my 5 primary folders?

So my question is: what is best way to go about this? I’m in the early stages of setting up folders and files in GD that I can change the filenames in a more structured way to help me organize in Coda. Just wanted to get some thoughts before I go down a rabbit hole. TIA

Can you explain more your use case, what I’m specifically interested in is why you are attempting to navigate Google Drive files within Coda?

What benefit is Coda bringing to your google drive specifically in this case?

Hi Scott,
So what I am attempting to do in Coda is create a project table (for construction jobs) that have columns with the google links to folders and files for project documents, vendors, subcontractor, receipts, forms, etc associated with each job. Essentially, I want to have a centralized location for my team to quickly access this information for each project in Coda. Hope this makes sense.

Hi Theresa,

Have you thought about keeping the info in Coda, rather than in GDrive?


Hi Piet,
I did find a solution to my situation. Thanks.

What did you end up doing?

I am in a similar boat here - need to keep some data in coda, some in google drive, but would like the ability to quickly surface the links to relevant data within coda.

As it stands, it’s just a little too difficult to keep everything in Coda after a certain point. No folder UI and - most importantly - a lack of rigorous permissioning makes a Coda-Only solve a non-starter for us.

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