How to Create Two-way Sync with Google Sheets or other Apps!

Zapier, Packs, Automations, Embeds, Buttons, workarounds and combos. Any creative ideas?

Idea1: Coda currently has only 1 Trigger on Zapier “New Row”, which
“Triggers when a new row is added to the selected table.” So when there’s a change in existing Coda cells, to have a coda button that duplicates the updated row, so that it can be propagated to Zapier. Then the duplicate rows must be deleted (automatically ideally or with a click on 1 button) in all apps that are being synced.

The normal way to do it, of course, is: Coda team adds a Zapier Trigger for “Updated Row”. Google Sheets has it, as well as some other PM apps, Coda should have it too. Until then, Coda’s Zapier integration is only piece-meal :slight_smile: and Coda is still too silo’d :(.


@LeanSimpleProcesses these Google Apps Scripts I wrote support updating rows from Coda → Google Sheets and vice versa, perhaps they can help!