Launched: Updated Row Trigger for Zapier

Since launching our Zapier integration a few years ago, we’ve seen you use Coda + Zapier to build incredible solutions. One of the most resounding bits of feedback you’ve shared has been that you’d like the ability to trigger a zap when a row is updated in Coda (not just when a new row is added). Starting today, you can do just that!

Now, when you choose your trigger events, you’ll see “Updated Row” as an option alongside our classic “New Row” option. This opens up a number of possibilities, including send an email or Slack message when a row is updated, creating a calendar event when a row is updated, and much more.

We can’t wait to see what you Zap with this new trigger in Coda!


When do you sleep though


According to I apparently took a 1-minute nap on February 2, 2021. :sweat_smile:


Very helpful. Thank you!

That’s really helpful update. Triggering automation on row change is almost a must!

My question is, what is between platform to use for coda - Zapier or Integromat. I have a limited knowledge of those platforms but I am planning to invest a bit more time in learning how to use this “middleware” type of software with Coda. Only thing is I kinda don’t have time to learn both platforms and test everything in full details, so any advice and help is welcomed :slight_smile:

I was waiting for this one! Great!

I’ll just mention that the Zapier integration was built by us, whereas the Integromat one appears to have been built by their team. So the Zapier one is more “official”, but they both use the Coda API under the hood and you should be able to build similar functionality in both.


Christmas in March! So excited for this

This is so awesome! Was really waiting for this.

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There’s something I can’t understand: why not a button trigger? This would be so straightforward!
Because even with the update trigger, it would be a little pain to do what I want: post a tweet with values inside the row.
I’ll have to create a separate table to copy this row to it with a button.


Is there a formula action for this though? I’m trying to trigger an action when the row updates :slight_smile: