Ready to bring external data into Coda? Now you can with the beta version of our Zapier app!


I’m so excited to give our Coda Community the exclusive on the Coda for Zapier app before we launch it later this month. You can now connect any app on the Zapier platform to your Coda docs.

You can find our app here on Zapier’s site and you can read more about how to set it up here on our help page.

We’ve already seen some cool things from our alpha testers - pushing deals from Hubspot into Coda to forecast sales, using webhooks to pull Intercom notes into a Coda doc to track customer feedback, and managing daily tasks by adding new Calendar events from Google Calendar into a daily to-do list doc.

Our team would appreciate your feedback as you try out Coda for Zapier- what are you using it for, what could be better? Please add it here. If you’re feeling super inspired let me know if you want to work together to create a template-version of your doc that we can publish (and attribute to you!) in our template gallery.


A Public Roadmap
Our Office Weather App - automatically updated by Zapier

Here is an easy and fun doc that took a few minutes to setup -



Are there plans to add an action for “Create Coda Doc”? We want to automate within our process the creation of a Coda Doc when a client signs on as a client of ours.

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This is getting meta. Next we’ll be automating us automating the automatic creation of Coda Docs. Shouldn’t we more carefully consider the consequences of technology?



I back up Alex on this one. This is a logic which technology should’ve been allowing since mid-00’s and there are still CRMs and ERPs that are unable to create new folder and files on a cloud or server. We are in the localisation and internationalisation business and we work with files and folders and I can definitely say that would be a massive step forward if Coda can do that.



Great suggestions here. We just added support in our beta API for programmatically creating new Coda docs (including from another source doc that you’d like to use as a “template”), which should roll out early next week.

We’re also looking into adding a Zapier action as well; will keep you updated here!



You guys are the best! :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Absolutely killing it! :fire:



Just wanted to follow up here on our progress on adding a “Create doc” Zapier action. The endpoint on our end has been in place since the beginning of the week, but we’ve run into some hurdles on Zapier’s, in particular around the process of setting up the step to be useful in future Coda steps. We’re working with Zapier now to make the necessary changes to enable a workaround for some limitations on their end, so hang tight and we’ll let you know when we have further updates to share.

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@oleg Getting “Create doc” as a Zapier action would be wonderful for us non-API users (especially the template idea). Any updates?

Also, while I am asking about Zapier, will it ever be possible to get a “Row modified” Trigger?




Hi Jack,

Unfortunately, supporting the “row modified” trigger in Zapier is significantly more complex to build. We are actively working on another feature that might meet your needs depending on what you are trying to do.

I also fully agree that “Create doc” would also be a great action for Zapier to build. As Oleg mentioned, we hit some challenges when trying to build out this action so it’s been sidelined for now.

We’ll repost when we have more updates which should hopefully be soon.




@John_Beaudoin_Jack I have this template/create doc functional using the native Coda API using a webhook in Zapier. It’s not too tough to get it up and running if you’re somewhat familiar with API docs.


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Alex, thanks for the offer. I’ve had trouble getting the Coda “introduction to our API” examples to work for me. I have run into trouble using the Google API environment (I’m not a coder), so I’ve casually asked Coda to work through the example document in a Webinar setting. They might be able to do it, but until then, I don’t know enough to get anything up and running. But if you have something to share, I might be able to learn from it.


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Hi guys, we just released v1.1.0 of our Zapier integration, which adds a new “Copy doc” action you can use for cloning a Coda doc and writing to it in later steps. As mentioned earlier, we ran into some issues on Zapier’s end, but were able to find workarounds for them - the new action outlines what you have to do to get it set up properly.

Feel free to give it a shot and let us know your thoughts or if you run into any issues.



Woohoo! This is excellent news. Can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks so much!



@John_Beaudoin_Jack were you able to get the examples from the “Introduction to our API” doc to work? Let me know if you’ve been running into any issues.

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Al, thanks for checking in. I’m sitting on the sidelines right now because I suspect Coda may introduce new features (see Preeyanka’s note above) that obviate the need for me to use the API.


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