IFTTT integration

I am using Coda for quite some time now and so far the experience is seemless. But for automating workflows, only Zapier is the only method.
It would be really awesome if Coda is integrated to IFTTT. The reason to do that is because:

  1. IFTTT is easy to use and it is free
  2. It has a larger user base than Zapier
  3. It provides a much more apps to integrated Coda with.

Totally worth a shot. :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting idea, but unfortunately with IFTTT you get what you pay for.

Have you used it?

I have found IFTTT to generally be unreliable and to be quite slow on occasions when it does work.


I have used it. I still do. Strange, I didn’t bump into any problem.
Still, if it is not that great, then best bet would be to have an API which we can consume so that we can automate the workflow ourselves if not Zapier. :slight_smile:

Agreed re: the API - Coda has indicated they are working on that at the moment.

Great! Thanks @Richard_Kaplan

Please consider IFTTT integration via a pack or a push API (would be more general).

I vote +1 for this to enable me to push data such as adding rows to a table. Right now I use IFTTT to push data in Google Sheets but as I’m using Coda more, I realize some data would be better used in Coda tables and the workflow here.


+1 would love a coda / ifttt integration!


I also would much rather have integration with IFTTT than Zapier.

Zapier is very limiting at 100/ month instances in their free tier. I’m a lighter user, but could top that fairly regularly. But, I’ll not trigger enough Zaps to warrant paying $240 a year for 1000/ month.

There’s a big hole here between those who are light, but consistent users, and those who are using this as a business product and their company might shell out the cost for Zapier integration.

IFTTT fills that hole, even if it’s not as slick a service.

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