Pack Requests - Strava and Fitbit

Would love to be able to pull in my map runs, and other data, into my fitness tracker to compare my improvements.


Stephanie, I’m totally with you. I would love to see live data from those apps available via Coda packs.

In the meantime, you might want to check out Zapier. I use Zapier recipes to send Strava and Fitbit activity to Coda tables and it works nicely. In brief:

  • I send all my fitness data to Strava, which connects directly to all of the data sources I use. So whether the activity data is collected from my watch, my phone or my cyclo-computer, it all goes into Strava. From there, I use a Zapier recipe to send each new activity to Coda.

  • Fitbit is a little different. I actually use IF THIS THEN THAT (IFTTT) to get data out of Fitbit and into a Google Doc. Then I use Zapier to trigger on a new record from Google and write selected columns to Coda. Truthfully, I’m only sending daily weight data at this point, but anything IFTTT can get out of Fitbit can find its way into Coda this way.



Thanks John-Jack that’s a great idea! I shall give that a go and keep hoping they’ll add the packs one.

Thank you for that suggestion, will save me time manually entering it :slight_smile:

Currently playing around with Zapier > Strava to build a fitness log/journal. Completely new to Coda but looks promising