Pack Suggestion - Toggl

Adding a Toggl pack so that time tracking could seamlessly be integrated into Coda docs would be AWESOME


Matt, I totally agree with you on this. I am a long-time user of Toggl and would love to see this come in as a pack.

I’m currently using a Zapier recipe to pull that data in right now. Have you tried that?


Hey John!

I’m not sure what that is, but if it would automatically pull in filtered data from Toggl, I would LOVE to hear how. This would make my work flow MUCH more efficient.

Hope you have the solution,


Zapier ( uses APIs from approximately 1500 apps to enable you to exchange data automatically. No programming knowledge is necessary. To create a “Zap” you define a trigger (for example, “Whenever a new Toggl record is created…”) and an action (“… then copy the data to a specific table in Coda”),

If you have ever heard of or used If This Then That (IFTT), it’s the same idea.

After setting up your Zapier account, the first thing to do is connect your Toggl and Coda accounts to Zapier. Essentially you are logging into those accounts and giving Zapier permission to read and write data. Once the accounts are connected, you can use Zapier’s editor to go through the process of setting up your trigger and action.

To set up the trigger:

  1. Choose Toggl from the app list
  2. Select “New Time Entry” as your Toggl Trigger
  3. Choose your Toggl account (if you have connected more than one)
  4. Set up Toggl Time Entry (choose your work space, specific task - i leave it blank - and tags for filtering entries you want)
  5. Finally, Zapier will prompt you to pull in test data

To set up the action:

  1. Choose Coda from the app list
  2. Select “Create Row” as your Coda action*
  3. Choose your Coda account (if you have connected more than one)
  4. Set up your Coda row
    a. Select your Coda document from the first select list
    b. Select your Coda table from the second select list

At this point, the columns from your Coda table show up. You need to tell Zapier how to populate the columns. This will depend on how your Coda table is set up and how you have set up Toggl. My original set-up:

Coda ----> Toggl
TimeEntry (text) ----> Description
Duration (number) ----> Duration Minutes (it’s easier for computations in Coda)
TogglTags (text) ----> Tags
Project (text) ----> Project
Start (DateTime) ----> Start
End (DateTime) ----> Stop
GUID (text) ----> GUID

Toggl’s API makes a ton of values available. This minimal set up should get you started.

Note: I actually use “Upsert” as my Coda action, which enables me to add a row to Coda if the Toggl record doesn’t already exist, or modify the row in Coda if the Toggl record was previously sent but then was updated in Toggl. It’s a more advanced method but nothing big.

Hope this helps.


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I second this request. We need Toggl. The time tracking functions on Coda are not enough for any small business that works in teams.

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Agree that Time Tracking in Coda is very advanced if you want to do something like just “hit a button” and start tracking time as with in most task management apps that have good time tracking. I would like to see Coda release this feature by simply bringing in the massive power already there, and present on a multitude of templates, for super sophisticated time tracking, but in a user-friendly way.

If for some reason the Product Team isn’t going to undertake making Time Tracking more user friendly, and I sincerely hope they do make it happen!, then an integration would be good, Toggl is a good option.

Whatever the solution, it would help me a lot to get good, easy to set up time tracking in Coda soonest!

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I have good news :tada:

I am working on a Toggl Track Pack where you will be able to start and stop your timer, view your time entries and run reports :wink:.

If you are interested in having access during the Beta please share your Coda email address by private message and I will share the Pack with you :raised_hands:


I have even better news, the waiting is over :raised_hands: