Launched: Toggl Track Pack ⏱

Why the Coda community wanted a Toggl Track Pack?

After two months since the first line of code was written, I am super happy and excited to announce that the Toggl Track Pack is now published to the Coda Gallery and available for you all to install and add to your docs :tada:

The Pack includes 16 tables, 10 buttons and 1 formula, from starting and stopping time entries, to running reports as Coda tables, to create customers, projects and more, all included.


I want to thanks the members of the community @Ryan_Martens2 and @Joseph_Richardson that have used, tested and gave feedback during the beta.
A special and big thanks goes to @hmowilliams, the feedback she provided, the way she used the Pack and the cheering messages I received from her during the development have been invaluable.

A must Pack if you are using Toggl as a time tracking software at your company or even as an individual.

As I always say, all feedback is welcomed. If there is something missing that is important for your workflow, running into issues or just have some questions, hit reply and let me know!


To say that @Leandro_Zubrezki’s Toggl Pack has been life (or at least work life :wink: ) changing would not be an exaggeration! Our previous processes involved numerous steps of exporting our Toggl data with exports and API calls, then processing and transferring that data with Google Sheets and Google Apps Scripts, and all of this was before the data even got into Coda. While this was better than manual exports, it was not a reliable or sustainable way to continue.

Our team has begun to rely heavily on Coda this year, and to have Toggl integrating with Coda so smoothly has allowed us to dramatically increase the amount of information we track and use inside this platform. This Pack has revolutionized the way we monitor progress on projects, alert staff to missing information, and generate invoices. Accuracy has improved, tedious and repetitive work has been reduced, and I truly could not be happier!

Thank you so much, @Leandro_Zubrezki, for all of your hard work and attention to detail on this amazing project! Very well done! :tada: