Sign up for Beta access to...Packs Tables

Hey everyone,

We’re starting to open up access to our latest feature Packs Tables. They allow you to automatically pull in data from some of our most popular packs.

Like syncing all your Google Calendar events straight into a doc.

We’d love to get more feedback on the feature so if you’re interested in getting early access and willing to share your thoughts with us just reply below and I’ll add you to our list.


:raising_hand_man: looks great! I’m interested

I am using my own table based on Google Calendar. So, it will be great feature for me.

Hello Glenn, please add me, thanks!

Hi Glenn,

I’d love to have access!


Crossing my fingers, hoping there’s a pack for loading GitHub issues/Gmail search results in the future.

I would like to test out these new packs please.


If Eventbrite is one of the supported Packs, I’d love access as well. Very relevant for a project I’m currently developing.

Would love to try this feature out!

I’d love to check this out

Hey Glen, i’m interested! Thx

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I’d love to try them out too!

I’d love to try! I’m using a bit of a hack for something similar right now.

Yep, definitely interested in participating in beta on this. Thanks!!

Add me to the list please

I’d like to be part of this list.

Angel Diaz



Hi I would like access please :slight_smile:

Hi Glenn,

I am also interested. Would love to try if all events from Google Calendar could sync to Coda and then creating a task with date and time in Coda, gets synced to Google calendar. That would be great to achieve.

Yes please, would love a test of this feature! :slight_smile:

HI Glenn,

I’ll give it a try. thanks!