Packs Table beta feedback

We wanted to create a space for all our beta users of Packs Tables to discuss their feedback and use cases. Please share the things you’re liking or suggestions for improvements.

We’d love to know:

  • What you’re using it for
  • The most useful thing about it
  • The biggest feature missing from Packs Tables

OK - pretty cool. I’d previously built formula’s to do a lot of what the pack (calendar) is now doing. Two things were immediately noticeable. 1) it’s way faster - the doc doesn’t pause, whilst it does it’s thing 2) it’s more elegant / easy to use. I came across one bug - if I added a column called ID to the table the doc crashed (was reproduce-able). Other wise, a really nice improvement. A lot of the work your doing now to make things easier is super helpful to most day to day users…

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Calendar work nicely - super simple - much easier than the formula method. I will be using that much more. The gMail sync was perfect what I’m doing (anything I’m asked to do gets assigned to my OKR matrix and given a depth of involvement prediction) That is the only 2 table packs I’ve used so far. I understand why we don’t have gSheet sync, but i still feel that’s due to formulas, cell hierarchy etc. Could you have a table pack that worked with just one sheets column? ignoring any formulas etc? That would be extremely powerful when working across multi coda docs etc.

The Packs tables syncing controls etc are much more intuitive that the formula. Thanks. It’s great.

Table packs for gcal and gmail work very simply. It’s nice that it is easy to create columns with the properties of events and messages.

One thing I’d like changed: My gmail table displays the internal label ID instead of the label text. ie: instead of “#waiting” it shows “Label_1234567890”. Any way that can be changed to the label name instead?

These are my thoughts about the Shopify pack:

  • What you’re using it for

    • Create new products more efficiently (doc already working)
    • Improve the inventory cycle counting process by using the Coda app at the warehouse (still under development)
    • Move inventory from the overstock location to the bin location in the system using a Coda doc (future development)
  • The most useful thing about it
    The push buttons are easy to use and effective, and Coda’s interface is great!

  • The biggest feature missing from Packs Tables
    We are still working with Shopify to be able to publish the products on all channels at the same time.

Overall, the Shopify pack is working fine and the Coda team is doing a great work supporting the inquires.

Ok, here is my feedback. First of all, I think this “table-sync-” functionality is pretty powerful and promising. Ability to auto create table from (potentially any) external source is maybe that element which can lower the entry threshold to Coda for new users.

Google Calendar table works well and pretty easy to setup. Two minor things from me:

  1. When I am creating new sync, there is syncs daily desciption at the bottom. But in settings it can be set to manually.

  2. These buttons look like, well, buttons. I tried to press it! Maybe pressing it should insert into doc example button or, at least, show the action formula.

Ok, next.

What you’re using it for
Google Calendar, Github

The most useful thing about it
Well, for me it is auto Google Calendar sync. But I miss a lot calendar view on mobile phone.

The biggest feature missing from Packs Tables
GitHub’s issues table.

Thanks for the feedback Denis, we’re changing the UI for the button so they look less obviously like you can click them!

Also on 1. was your feedback that you wanted that option to change it to manual refresh in that first set of options? Our assumption is most people will want automatic refresh so we moved the refresh out to make it simpler.

No, I mean: it is confusing when you add new table then open Settings and see that this option is already set to Manually, but should be set to Daily.

Oh I see! That will be consistent soon :slight_smile:

Some of my feedback on the Shopify pack.
I have not rolled out the pack to my team as I’ve had a few crashes and don’t want to freak people out. The Coda apps we use are important for day by day tasks. So I’ve only done basic functionality and feature testing until now.

  • What you’re using it for
    Pulling order data for managing support tickets.
    Pulling customer data for managing support tickets.
    Pulling the variant ID from Shopify! Omg this was such a pain to do manually in the past. :smiley: These can be used to generate a URL with “add to cart” coded in.

  • The most useful thing about it
    Pushing new products for publishing or updating copy and images will be the most useful feature for us in the long run.
    We already have 3rd party stock management, otherwise that would be neat too.

  • The biggest feature missing from Packs Tables
    Nothing comes to mind.


  • Prices are in actually in GBP for us, so the dollar symbol is a problem. But they are numerically correct. So just don’t push the dollar from your side and then I can just change the column to currency and GBP from my side. Also to note that Shopify plans to add multi-currency checkout this year, so even more important for Coda to pull the price numerically only.
  • Images column: currently must be formatted as text as there are multiple image URLs. Formatting as “Image URL” only shows the first image. Formatting as “Images” doesn’t work.
  • A lot of crashing when clicking the Data Sync button on the Orders table.
  • Crashing when I attempt to change a new column name to ID. Seems to be happening on many types of Shopify pack tables.
  • Crash when trying to re-add Orders table after deleting it.
  • We have more than 10K customers and can’t really pick who to sync. The sync limit is fine for Orders, since the 10K most recent orders are plenty for customer care. But we would really need all the customers imported.

Great stuff all around though, this is a very exciting development.
I’ll update when I have more. :slight_smile:

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I use my coda docs as living contracts for my clients. They start off as proposals, turn into contracts and then turn into project management and analytics as well as change requests.

Jira issues table feedback- things I’d like to see.
I understand some of this might not be possible but if it were. It would be kick butt.

  • Jira doesn’t have roadmaps at issue level so this is something that would be a benefit, but we need Start and due dates for that.

  • It would also help to have the Sprint the issues are in as well as to know if the issues are in the backlog.

  • I’d personally like to see the issue types as well, so that I could create views for the specific issue types.

  • I can’t seem to filter on Status = !Done

Also I deleted a card, but it did not delete in Jira. I did notice that when I switched back to the row view I don’t have the ability to delete a row. So there is a little consistency there.

Hey Marni,

Thanks for the feedback this is really helpful

  • I think you can get the start/due dates by making a new column with =issue.duedate
  • Status is actually a Coda object full of rich data, we just only show the name by default. That filter should work as Status.Name!=“Done” or you can make Status.Name as a column.
  • Being able to delete a card is a bug (we don’t actually let you add or delete Jira issues from Coda yet)

I’ll look into some of the rest of your feedback with the team and see how we can improve the default table to make this easier and add better support.

Very cool! Really nice work team, excited to see where this goes.

What you’re using it for

Scheduling events with Google Calendar Pack. Want to be able to share the same event list between Coda and Google Calendar so that colleagues can:

  • see how events relate to their personal calendars on GCal
  • dig in and make more detailed notes about events in Coda

Right now we have a shared Google Calendar for tentative events, and manage confirmed events (which need much more info tracked about them) on Coda. Hoping to use Packs to blend these siloed data sources.

The most useful thing about it
Ability to see GCal events in Coda, and all the rich event data you can make columns from. So far I can use it to promote my tentative events (pulled in from GCal) to confirmed events (in another table) by hitting a Coda button.

The biggest feature missing from Packs Tables
Ability to mix Calendar data with Coda data, e.g.:

  • Two-way sync including creating new events in Coda that get pushed to GCal
  • Coda calendar views that display events from multiple tables (including GCal tables)

Interface for selecting which calendar to sync seems slow to update after you make a selection.