๐Ÿš€ Launched: Packs Tables and new Jira and Shopify Packs

Hey Coda Community!

Today we are announcing two major updates to Packs:

  1. Packs Tables, a magical new way to pull in data to your docs
  2. New Jira, Shopify and Discourse Packs (how meta)

You can help out by upvoting us on Product Hunt and sharing our content on social. Watch the new Packs intro video and read more about our process below.

We knew Packs were pretty special from the beginning. They always felt like the natural evolution of Coda as an all-in-one doc surface. Packs have allowed our users to make incredible docs, and they have been a vital tool to let our users bring their external data into their Coda docs.

Packs have always relied on pasting in URLs, which was never the easy way that we wanted them to work. Sometimes this was the right workflow, but it didnโ€™t work in all use cases. So we set out to build a tool to make the process of pulling data into docs effortless and seamless. Packs Tables are that tool, and they are live for all users today. Packs Tables automatically pull data from our most popular Packs into a table in your doc, so you can work with that data in all the ways you do already in Coda. Packs Tables are added in the normal packs sidebar within your docs.

Packs Tables have unlocked so many amazing use cases, from running Jira dashboards in Coda, checking on a teamโ€™s Github requests, organizing email and calendar in one place, and more. All these experiences feel really magical and push us further towards letting anyone build a doc as powerful as an app. The possibilities with Packs Tables are truly endless, and we are so excited to see what you all build with them.

Additionally, our Jira and Shopify packs with Packs Tables are now live. Jira has long been our most-requested pack for a while. The Shopify pack gives superpowers to businesses everywhere. Both the Jira and Shopify packs feature Packs Tables, so you can run your engineering teams and Shopify storefronts right from your Coda docs.

We canโ€™t wait to see what you all make with Packs Tables and our new Jira and Shopify Packs!

-Glenn, PM for Packs Tables


Do you have any plans for a Google Sheets pack with sync?


Hey, weโ€™ve been looking at lots of new Packs Tables.

Sheets is a trickier one in exactly how you take some of the spreadsheet structure and have it fit nicely into a Coda table without it being too fragile (for example someone adds a new mini table in the same sheet)

What are the kinds of data you were looking to sync into Coda?

Would love a Salesforce connector!


Great to see Jira pack in your offer! I gave it a try and wonder if there is a way to connect to a self-hosted Jira instance? Now when Iโ€™m trying to connect Iโ€™m being taken to Atlassian cloud.

If this is not yet supported, do you have any plans to make it happen in a near future?

Would love to hear everyoneโ€™s favorite use cases. This is one of my favorites โ€“ โ€œColor What Mattersโ€ on your calendar :rainbow: :smile:


Hi Kacper, weโ€™re not currently planning on supporting Jira self-hosted as the APIs work very differently and donโ€™t support some of what we need to make Packs Tables work in the way we need.

Salesforce and Gitlab would be huge for us

We would love to have a HubSpot Pack and an Asana Pack!


Ok, that is a cool Coda doc


Hi Glenn,

For us, I would just be looking to sync a basic spreadsheet structure from Google sheets from a specific worksheet, and have that data live within a Coda doc for calculations etc.

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This would also allow us to creates forms easily outside of Coda and bring that data in easily

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Hi @Litra_Sales,

A fair amount of our users have a workflow similar to this right now. Itโ€™s not a perfect workaround, but have you read our blog post on connecting Sheets to Coda using Google Scripts? Itโ€™s a small amount of setup, but I think you could get most of the benefit of a Sheets pack via that method.

The blog post is on connecting two coda docs or two sheets, nothing about connecting sheets and codaโ€ฆ

@Asaf_Dafna thatโ€™s correct. It would be a bit of additional work to connect the two, but the basic framework is all covered in that post. Iโ€™ll add it to the list to get a more direct post up connecting the two.

Using the JIRA pack, so far itโ€™s pretty good. Are there plans to increase the number of filters available. I would love to be able to filter our Epics and Sub-tasks. So I can show just a list of the โ€œUser Storiesโ€ that the development team is working on.

Weโ€™re looking into options here, some of them are tricky because of the way the Jira API works. You can at least filter those out after the sync in the regular Coda filters.

I was trying to use the regular coda filters. But I canโ€™t seem to filter on things like ISSUETYPE = Epic. Even the JIRA templates seem to have issue with this.

Maybe this is more a question for support than product?

Hi Ryan, I think thatโ€™s because the Issuetype is actually an object full of lots of data so wont just match some text.

It should work if you do issuetype.name=โ€œstoryโ€

Hopefully the GIF below makes that clearer

Perfect. This is exactly what I needed.