Launched: Connect your docs to your team’s tools, now even faster through the / menu

Today, there are now over 400 Packs in the Gallery helping you connect to tools like Jira and Salesforce—or even just bring fun GIFs into your doc. Today, we’re making it easier to find and use all those Packs in your doc.

You can now find the right building block for your workflows right from within a doc, even if you’re just browsing. Now you can search for a use case or category, like “project tracker” or “time management,” and Coda will find the Packs, sync tables, buttons, and other building blocks that you need.

You can search directly from the / menu or insert panel to add these directly and quickly, but there’s more! When you paste a URL from another application into Coda, we’ll automatically suggest relevant Packs to include in your doc so you can leverage that data more effectively. And you can tap into the improved search from the button settings and column format menus too.

Pack Search Community Post.2.gif

These updates make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in Coda. No matter where you look.


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