Pack requests -Things I use that I desperately want to integrate with Coda 🤣


Hellos :smiley: I think the beauty of coda will be to bring together all the other bits and pieces of info we have all over the nets and allow us to display it in a single place in a word doc type format. Coda canvas is like a live, internet connected piece of paper! Oh! Can you start on that next? k, thanks, ta!

  • Todoist (better task management structure for getting on with it)
  • Google Drive (direct embed or list files)
  • Embed google calendar instead of native (better live integration)
  • Toggl (time sheet & reporting)
  • Facebook (for social media management)
  • Creative cloud (social media/ graphic assets)
  • Grammarly (to keep away the grammar trolls)
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Hey Kimberly, I’m part of the team working on new Packs :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions. Would love to know more detail about how you want to use these. Feel free to DM me or share more here in the community. Especially any examples of your current process and where you’d love to be using Coda for it instead.


Just to pin a few more ideal future packs:

  • Office 365 integration (Sharepoint, onedrive, outlook, To-Do, etc)
  • Quickbooks (add line item when quote is made, autofill invoice #s, etc.)
  • Clearbit (find people and contact info)
  • Microsoft Teams (notifications, automatic meeting creation, etc.)
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Hi @Glenn_Jaume :wave:

New thoughts on integrations:

  • Xero - for reporting inside coda.

Ok so, I’ve found myself using coda for a few different things but it’s mainly for business that I think it shines for me. I’ve been really struggling with getting a coherent overall view of my business. I’ve tried many tools, like task management and project management software, reporting software. And I’ve tried almost all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking to use coda to give me the high level view that I need for planning business objectives by pulling all my data into one place that will allow me to see the big picture, decide what I want to do with my big picture and then, well, get on with doing it! Sounds simples, ay?

So to set this up I’ve created a Live business plan that follows the standard format but allows me to:

  1. Pull data from other sources to be included visually (ie, graphs etc)
  2. Give me an overview of each sections progress
  3. Allow me to plan my projects and create and schedule tasks.

Essentially, I see:

  • Finance - pulling data from Xero
  • Marketing - pulling data from a social management/ reporting tool or coda replicating it (which I think I can do relatively easily)
  • Sales - pulling data from shopify, stripe, paypal, ebay, amazon, facebook etc.
  • Brief overview/ Project management - This will be where I plan projects and create associated tasks. While coda can handle task management, it’s just not as effective as Todoist in many ways.

These are the obvious sections. I’m still working on what I need to include elsewhere.

Can I give you access to a doc so you can see what I’m yammering about?

Oh and I’ve starting using it to auto-generate my shopping list cause I am defo that short on time! :stuck_out_tongue:

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