Pack for Clickup


I’d like to suggest an integration with Clickup. It is a fast rising PM suite, one that I was skeptical on at first, but I’m actually going to move over my entire web development from Jira, mainly due to the team and Clickup planning a mass of Agile stuff that is not quite there yet. Tons of great functionality, and customizeable. Some similar traits to Coda:

  • new platform - you can see it was created in the last few years by the look and feel. Jira, Confluence, Smartsheet, Quickbase, LiquidPlanner, even Asana I think, quickly show their age when you play around with them, vs. apps build on much newer platforms like Coda, and I think ClickUp
  • huge ability to customize, so learning curve is there, but if time put in, benefit high.


  • It has no real Wiki feature. About to integrate with Slite, but that is too lightweight for my needs, although a nice app

  • Coda doesn’t have the ability to do any deep Agile management, or task management for even CRM, etc. without a good deal of customization. I was hoping I could spend time and accomplish that, but probably I’d need a consultant. So for now I’m looking for a good PM app that I can customize for my team’s web development, and ClickUp is really strong