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I’d like to suggest an integration with Clickup. It is a fast rising PM suite, one that I was skeptical on at first, but I’m actually going to move over my entire web development from Jira, mainly due to the team and Clickup planning a mass of Agile stuff that is not quite there yet. Tons of great functionality, and customizeable. Some similar traits to Coda:

  • new platform - you can see it was created in the last few years by the look and feel. Jira, Confluence, Smartsheet, Quickbase, LiquidPlanner, even Asana I think, quickly show their age when you play around with them, vs. apps build on much newer platforms like Coda, and I think ClickUp
  • huge ability to customize, so learning curve is there, but if time put in, benefit high.


  • It has no real Wiki feature. About to integrate with Slite, but that is too lightweight for my needs, although a nice app

  • Coda doesn’t have the ability to do any deep Agile management, or task management for even CRM, etc. without a good deal of customization. I was hoping I could spend time and accomplish that, but probably I’d need a consultant. So for now I’m looking for a good PM app that I can customize for my team’s web development, and ClickUp is really strong


I second this. The automation an reporting aspects of Coda can work wonderfully with ClickUp.
I really look forward to this being built out, especially considering that ClickUp has a well documented and easy to use public API.


Third this. Please make this happen.

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I think there could be some amazing synergies here

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I agree with all of the above. I love ClickUp but it doesn’t have the ability to handle spreadsheets or building apps like Coda does. I have already tested embedding a ClickUp doc inside of Clickup and that works great for viewing only. I don’t think editing a Coda doc is possible in an embed on another platform but I can live with that. Coda and ClickUp together are a powerful team just waiting to happen!

clickup is really good but lacks some reports. it would be great to have a proper integration with for that purpose

Yes, I agree with this pack.
We moved to Clickup for task management because our system within Coda was not optimal and the card views still need some improvement + other reasons (Mac app, site wise button to add task etc…).
So a way to communicate between the two would be great.

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Hey @tomavatars, agreed and glad to have you adding sentiment to the need for a more polished board view. I am actually on the fence with the ClickUp pack now as I move forward with Coda. Your experience sounds very similar to mine - many attempts to get fully onto Coda (as I discussed in the post referenced here), but can’t fully convert - site-wide button to add a task a big one on my list, too!

I have been observing the evolution of the Jira pack and Cross-Doc, and not sure something like this would work for integrating with ClickUp. I have been getting stuck with ClickUp on the limits of its hierarchy, something that Coda is able to overcome, although as with a lot of things right now in Coda, it is hard for me, a non-developer in charge of finding an app for my team, to set-up. What I’d like to see is more task management-centric features of Coda at this point, such as the aforementioned site-wide ability to add a row that would be strictly defined as a “task.” Or more easily configurable sub-rows, so you could set up hierarchies in a table naturally, such as subtasks. Also some of the graph/charting, for example the ability to manipulate dependencies in Gantt view. Another limitation I’m finding is problematic as I go forward is the fact that it’s hard to link multiple tables together, the default in Coda is to link two tables with the lookups, as powerful as they are. Most other apps that are strong in this area allow you to link any “task” with any other “task” as much as you want, which is in effect like being able to link rows in coda to any other row in an entire doc, not just a defined table, more easily. Not sure if there is some limitation in Coda preventing this, but having to set up manually relations with each table that you’d like to link with a certain row has been cumbersome for me.

I am finding that I think Coda can accomplish all the stuff on my wish list that none of the other apps on the market, ClickUp included, can handle, due to each and every other app out there forcing the user into some existing structure that has limits. But it remains overly difficult for me to set up Coda, so I continue to struggle with adopting it over ClickUp.

I hope that comment was useful, thanks guys!

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The impulse behind both ClickUp and Coda seems similar - feature rich and a movement toward automation. I would love to see a ClickUp pack!

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If you integrate Coda with Clickup, I could run the world from home office and be done by lunh. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I would love to have this integration as well!

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets for recommending this, done!