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Hi All

I am new to Coda coming from ClickUp (actually, I am still “there” but I am considering a slow migration as I learn how to use Coda).

My two generalised questions are, "will Coda be able to comprehensively replace my use in ClickUp? Is this a realistic expectation?

To expand, my current situation is listed below along with my general use of ClickUp.

Before I begin, I should say that ClickUp as a program is not too bad. Like all programs (and companies) that under a rapid period of growth, I think that they have endured a number of issues along the way. I have generally not encountered too many issues myself. My reason/s for considering another platform are multi-faceted.

I have found that in recent times the platform has become too “bloated” with MANY features that I don’t and will probably never use. The program has encountered many bugs. I also get frustrated with the lack of flexibility (hence why I am looking at Coda). It is difficult to know where (and sometimes how) to put “information” into ClickUp. Information also seems to get “buried” and is hard to find. They do have a “Docs” system but it isn’t even close to the demonstrations I have seen in relation to Coda. It also has inflexibility in relation to creating/changing Priority Levels.

On the upside, it does handle Task Management fairly well (and I am hoping Coda can do this too, but in a better way). The main concern is that although it can handle Tasks fairly well, the issue is the shear number of Tasks I have tend to get “lost” (despite being organised into folders and lists) and this is possibly because the filtering options in ClickUp are a bit limited (in my opinion). I struggle to find a decent “global” filtering process, hence the need to comb through way too many Tasks.

So with that in mind, he’s my general situation and current usage scenario.

I am only a “team” of 3 these days. My “staff” (fellow family members) don’t like using ClickUp (anymore) so essentially I just use ClickUp to organise my Work and Personal life. As mentioned, I have a HUGE number of tasks that I am juggling at any one time. I NEED to manage my time, projects and tasks VERY efficiently. I am not sure if my “team” would use Coda, but if not, I would still like to be able to issue them with some Tasks (eg: take care of a Checklist of items for me) and possibly issue that via an email.

I run a technical service based business. This business mainly runs on software called simPRO. Although good for job and inventory management, it is poor with project and task management. The software writers are not very “dynamic” when it comes to development, so I am stuck using it and therefore I supplement it with a Project/Task Management Program.

simPRO will ONLY export to a Google Calendar (if you own a Google Workplace) and I then (currently) import the Google Calendar into ClickUp. This allows me to see my Service Work (Field Service Calls) and from that I can then base my remaining time and schedule ClickUp Tasks on the ClickUp Calendar.

I mainly use ClickUp for Project and Task Management. As mentioned, I don’t tend to use many of the other “features” in ClickUp. I also use recurring tasks a bit, I also use sub tasks and the occasional automation. I also use Checklists occasionally (within a task). I schedule ALL of my work to the ClickUp Calendar and do my best to get them all done. I also break that down to a fairly granular level (sometimes with tasks down to 5mins for small stuff).

I also use the (limited) Primary Priority Levels in ClickUp and also have needed to add a second “sub priority” custom field to further refine the priority listing process as the Primary Priority Levels in ClickUp are not programmable. With so many tasks in the mix I need to prioritise using a more granular scale and ClickUp only offers a “work around”.

My hope is to replace that system with something similar in Coda with the added bonus and ability to use Coda’s features by filtering and manipulating data so I can dynamically address the most urgent of tasks FIRST, without the need to scroll through many of my folders and lists.

So has anyone here come from ClickUp and managed to successfully “migrate” and found the Coda is a good alternative?

I realise there is a steep learning curve AND I am also not expecting to simply “swap” over. I have (not too long ago) renewed my subscription to ClickUp (prior to finding out about Coda) so I have plenty of time to do this “right”.

Thank you.


welcome to this great community where coda makers of all skill levels share their learnings, ask for help, and celebrate the amazing things that can be built with coda.

the quick answer to your question: can coda replace click-up? is YES and then some!

there really isnt anything that click-up does that coda cannot do just as well


unlike click-up, you will either need to BUILD your customized solution yourself


pick one of the excellent solutions in the coda GALLERY and customize it to match your business

but its safe to say that project planning, task management and team productivity solutions is what coda is used for most and what it does best.


take a look at several solutions in the gallery, pick the one that suits you best and begin using it.

then, over time, add features and tweaks as you learn how to do coda wizardry.

about the only thing i can think of where coda is a bit lacking, is its ‘gantt charts’. they are fine and they work great, but i find myself using the Mermaid plug-in (called a pack in coda) to generate much more detailed gantt charts.

so, even when coda doesnt have exactly what i need, we find a way to get it done regardless.



Hi Brad,

I can echo what Max says, Coda can do all that you have described, and it has a really helpful community.

But you have the most important bit done already:

I always suggest to people not to be overly ambitious in the beginning - Coda is extremely easy to use, making it extremely easy to make spaghetti. You will need to get a feel for how to structure your tables, how to link them and so on. And that will only come after a bit of practical use.

I hope you enjoy the journey.
Rambling Pete

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@Xyzor_Max and @Piet_Strydom Thanks once again gents. I appreciate the responses. I certainly want to learn more and will do my best to stick with it. I am still well and truly in test/experiment mode. I have also booked a 30min session that seems to be offered to beginners so I am sure that will be another good way to further my initial knowledge base.

It is all a bit overwhelming so I am going to take things very slow so I can grasp the basics and as you both suggest, I will resist the urge to “deep dive” before learning to “swim”.


I’m going through the transition myself, and I have 10 products and a comprehensive roadmap to manage. happy to provide advice or consult with you on transferring your setup.

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