Integrations between Coda, ClickUp, and other apps

Hi, I wanted to get feedback on how best to integrate between Coda and ClickUp. I’m using Coda as the “backend” and ClickUp as my front end for tasks/project management with integromat/make to connect databases and update them in both.

For example, with Coda’s capabilities, I can set up my databases and do advanced formulas (unlike ClickUp) with results transferring into ClickUp. I also want to use Coda’s mobile app to do updates (i.e., status). With ClickUp, I get a bird’s eye view of everything I need to do, schedule, or check on progress as well as create dashboards with widgets to produce reports.

Essentially, I’m trying to play to the strengths of apps/software I use. However, I’m struggling to find a cohesive way to integrate everything. I’m also using Google Workspace (Calendar, Contacts, GDrive), Quickbooks, etc. Are there any good resources to check out? TIA