Is there a way for cells in Coda tables to "watch" cells in other tables in other platforms, and self-update periodically or on command?

And if so, does anyone know of a (good) tutorial on this subject?

Let’s say I have a spreadsheet somewhere in the cloud (Google Drive/Airtable/Notion), and I’d like to pull data from cells in that spreadsheet regularly into a table that I’ve created in Coda. Any recommendations on what tools to use, and how to go about it? I Imagine I’d have to somehow “map” cells in the source table, to some cells in my Coda table, right?

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There’s no way to do this natively in Coda, but this is doable with 3rd party integration tools like Zapier or Integromat, or with Google Apps Scripts or your own backend, if you don’t mind coding and want to spare a few bucks (since Zapier is pretty expensive).

Actually, Zapier is how most people do exactly this (set up copying from Airtable/Google Docs to Coda), to the best of my knowledge

Thanks for the tip Paul!

Anyone here tried Integromat? Seems like you get more bang for your buck.

There are many threads on Integromat already, e.g.:

May be somewhat outdated, since both products progressed a lot.

Also you can ping @Arpit_C, he’s a community manager from Integromat and appeared in several posts here.

P.S. Looks like an official guide is here:

I’ve never used Integromat myself but I agree that it’s more affordable

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Thank you Paul, much appreciate the links and pointer to @Arpit_C !

Thanks for the mention Paul! :slight_smile: