Add Integromat integration (instead of Zapier)

  • Has 1,000/month zaps free trial instead of 100/month from Zapier.
  • Can add logic to integrations (e.g. only update if blah = 0).

Basically a better version of Zapier . I’d recommend trying it for fun if you have the chance.


Integromat now has the ability to “build” app integrations, even on free accounts. Just wondering if anyone has managed to set one up for the Coda API? Currently trying, but failing to authenticate correctly…

Also interested in this.

FYI, I decided to start building my own Integromat App for Coda, you can see how and what Modules I’ve managed to get working here:


Great news: Integromat have just launched a Beta implementation of Coda, with much more features than my attempt :smiley:


Just wondering if anyone had tried the Integromat integration? It seems very easy to write to Coda, but I’m struggling to read back actual cell vales. Table, Doc, Row, Column IDs are all simple, but I can’t get row values in a usable format. Anyone else had any luck?

Hello! I am new to Coda but have used Integromat for several years now after using Zapier for couple years before them. I haven’t had any issue moving data from APIs into Coda using Integromat but haven’t tried pulling data.

What I noticed first was that it defaults to wanting you to type in something to identify the Doc, Table, etc in Coda when using the Get Row in Integromat. If you click the map toggle button it will switch and allow you to make those selection semantically by clicking in a drop down starting with Doc, then Table, etc. Much easier but not sure if that is where you got stuck so continued.

Not sure if this is best way but I used transform to JSON module then a Parse JSON module and it worked. When I first tried to pull a row I noticed it had mostly meta data on the table like index, etc and then I noticed the Values were all lumped together in a collection with my actual row values shown there, nested. I’m not sure what format it is in with Coda so that is why I thought to just try transforming it into JSON to start with since I know Integromat plays well with JSON files.

I just tried the Get Row and I was able to get it to work and dumped the values to Google Sheet by doing the above.

Hope this helps and if you can check out my Upsert Integromat question and shed some light that would be great! Seems to be deleting the entire row and replacing instead of what I’d think when something says update a row and review each value and only update those that changed and ignore any fields I don’t have linked to populate in Integromat.

Warm Regards and BTW - I love Coda!

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I would like to upvote this. As long as there is no Coda intra-doc integration, I am looking for any solution that could come close to providing this. Also agree with other posters that this is much more robust than Zapier. With the need to integrate Coda with other solutions I’d like to use with Coda, in order to make Coda the Source of Truth for my organization, I welcome the best possible integrator available.


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Good news! It looks like Integromat added a Coda integration. Note that it isn’t developed, maintained, or endorsed by Coda, so we can’t make any guarantees or offer support specific to it. Still seems like a decent option for those interested.

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Hey I’m the Community Specialist at Integromat and happy to help anyone with Coda+Integromat related questions.


Hi Ankit,

I am trying to make a trigger that should activate when any row is updated in a specified Table in I am using Integromat for Integration but their default app does not provide this feature as of now. So, I tried to do so using the “My Apps” feature in Integromat and I followed the link given below:-

BUT, the link only describes PUT and POST types. How can I use a GET request? Thank you!

Hi Adesh,

The tutorial you’re referring to was created by a Coda community member that describes a particular use case. If you’ve created a custom Coda app on Integromat, you should be able to create a separate module for the GET requests too.

However, you may also add a feature request here and if Coda’s API makes it possible to watch for updated rows, we will add that module to Coda’s public app on Integromat.

As per Coda’s API docs, it doesn’t look like it’s possible to trigger a scenario when a row is updated.


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+1 On adding support for Integromat, it’s more robust than Zapier

+1 Adding my support for this integration too.